Ana Paula Alfredo

Managing Director, Agrégat Consultoria Coaching Desenvolvimento

Leadership, Team Building
Organisational Development, Coaching
Ana Paula Alfredo


Ana Paula Alfredo, with a Master's in Business Administration focusing on HR and Organizations, plus specializations in Marketing and Communications, has honed her business acumen through prestigious courses at Harvard Business School, Disney University, and Novartis International under the guidance of Jean-Claude Larreché at INSEAD. Boasting 25+ years of executive leadership, she has effectively steered teams in diverse sectors such as Marketing, Business, Product, Research & Intelligence, and Customer Relationship. As a certified coach and mentor with credentials from Pro-Fit Coaching, Gallup, and extensive training in methodologies like Action Learning, Lego® Serious Play®, MBTI, and more, Ana Paula brings a wealth of expertise. She holds positions as a Strategic Mentor at CCL, a Rocket Mentoring Mentor, and a certified PCC Coach by ICF with over 1000 coaching hours, showcasing her dedication to coaching and mentorship.

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